Seeing Jesus as the Passover Lamb (English Edition)

Auteur : James Thomas Lee Jr | Catégories : Bible Study
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Description du livre de Seeing Jesus as the Passover Lamb (English Edition)

This text has been written to show the clear parallels between the children of Israel having been delivered from Egyptian bondage during the offering of the first Passover lamb and the possibility for deliverance from sin and the penalty of sin by the offering of the Passover Lamb who is Jesus. It begins in the first two chapters by explaining how the children of Israel had even become slaves in Egypt. It then shares the birth of Moses, a little bit about his life, and how the Lord had used him to bring the children of Israel out of their bondage. Beginning in chapter five of this text, Jesus will be shown to be the Passover Lamb that takes away the sin of the world. That does not mean that everyone is automatically saved. But it does mean that everyone can be saved. In chapter six, the intent will be to show why every individual needs the Passover Lamb and then how he or she can receive Him. In chapter seven, the focus will be on how people should respond to Jesus as the Passover Lamb. Finally, chapter eight of this text will make some interesting comparisons between Old Testament situations and New Testament living. As with every text written by this author, the hope is that many people will be saved and be drawn closer to the Lord. The simple key to all of life is to give oneself to Him.
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