Scaling up Excellence

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Description du livre de Scaling up Excellence

Scaling up excellence is the key to creating a great organisation. It’s how a small enterprise expands without losing focus. It’s how a brilliant new idea or plan developed by the few goes on to be adopted by the many. And, in hard times and tough situations, it’s how pockets of smart new thinking overcome cultures of indifference or negativity. An organisation that doesn’t know how to scale up what is best within it won’t achieve long-term success.

Bestselling author Robert Sutton and his Stanford colleague Huggy Rao have devoted nearly a decade to uncovering what it takes to create and spread outstanding performance, and in Scaling Up Excellence they share the fruits of their research. Drawing on case studies that range from Silicon Valley enterprises to non-profit organisations, they provide crucial insights into corporate cultures, both good and bad, and offer a road map for establishing and stimulating excellence. In the process, they show how to use ‘premortems’ when making big decisions about change. They reveal why seven is so often the magic number when it comes to team size. They examine successful and unsuccessful quests for improvement – in hospitals, schools and elsewhere. And they discuss when a single corporate mindset is best (‘Catholicism’) and when local variation is preferable (‘Buddhism’).

Scaling Up Excellence is the first management book devoted to what is – or should be – a core priority for every organisation. As such it is destined to become the standard bearer.
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Examen du livre de Scaling up Excellence

Comment faire profiter l'ensemble de son organisation de gisements d'excellence ?
Qu’il s’agisse de diffuser les pratiques de lean manufacturing à toutes les
usines, d’ouvrir de nouvelles succursales, ou de généraliser de meilleures
pratiques d’orientation client, les dirigeants se heurtent souvent aux mêmes
questions. Comment transférer efficacement ses poches d’excellence à
plus de collaborateurs et à plus de sites ? Comment croître sans diluer son
modèle et se perfectionner en généralisant des pratiques de référence
dans son organisation ? Dans cet excellent livre, Robert I. Sutton et Huggy
Rao, deux éminents professeurs de l’université de Stanford, s’attaquent
de front à ce problème. Chapitre après chapitre, ils soulèvent les difficultés auxquelles
se heurtent les dirigeants. Quelle place laisser à l’adaptation locale du modèle...